We devise a wide variety of customized initiatives to provide Afghanistan’s new generation with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to become non-violent agents of change. ANGO not only organizes capacity building exchange programs for the Afghan youth and their adult allies, but also guides, counsels and directs the youth to access training and educational opportunities from institutions inside and outside Afghanistan As part of our effort to have the voices of the Afghan youth heard and amplified, we facilitate formation of voluntary youth clubs such as literary/poetry societies, advocacy group, anti-stigmatization currents etc on the ground and develop social media networks in cyberspace to encourage mobilization around common issues of interest or concern. Such platforms provide much-needed forums to communicate the needs, expectations and aspirations of this young generation to each other and those who can influence their present and future. They are also affective means of raising awareness of the Afghan youth about the realities and demands of 21st century globalizing word by connecting them with their peers in the wider world. ANGO also actively promotes dialogue between the rural and urban youth and communities of diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds that have challenging past in order to accentuate national identity, promote the merits of pluralism, and instill hope in a shared future of peace and prosperity.