We are a group of youth change agents with the hope of a prosperous Afghanistan.

We are a Kabul-based NGO working at the grassroots level to inspire Afghanistan’s youth to take an active role in leading their country towards a peaceful, progressive and democratic future. Starting from a movement of young activists in a single province, we have grown to become a network of change agents across Afghanistan. Our networks are constantly engaged in initiatives that nurtures a sense of unity and pride among the young generation of the country. We believe that mobilizing and empowering youth towards a common progressive goal is key to the peaceful and prosperous future of Afghanistan.
We are the Afghanistan's New Generation Organization.


ANGO creates programs that are best suited and tailored to the needs of Afghan youth across the country. ANGO believes in creating a long-lasting impact through our programs, which develop as a process, and remain sustainable beyond the project cycle. We are country centric. We go to the furthest corners of Afghanistan, and initiate activities that best benefit communities. We believe in peaceful co-existence, rather than countering a narrative. We, at ANGO, believe conflicts are born when a narrative is approached with a countering argument. We want people in our society to live in a peaceful and harmonious way despite their differences. ANGO promotes the beauty of our society’s diversity through our creative platforms of peaceful dialogue; including the largest network of youth volunteer activists in the country, expression through films and documentaries, festivals, and cultural dialogues and exchanges. By building skills, creating networks and engaging youth in civic and volunteer initiatives, we bridge ethnic, language and regional divides, and instill hope in Afghanistan’s new generation of youth.

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  • Nurturing Hope

    Conflict always inflicts hopelessness in the society. We work to revive the lost hope among communities throughout the country.

  • Empowerment

    Empowered youth means an empowered future for the country. We empower the young men and women of the country to strive to be their best selves.

  • Inclusiveness

    We work within communities, and we work to bring people from all walks of lives to advocate for an inclusive and just society.

  • Connectivity

    In today’s global village, we want Afghan youth to be in contact with the rest of the world. We believe bringing people together will bring cultures together, which will lead to peaceful societies.

  • Critical Awareness

    We provide youth with the information and resources necessary to analyze and resolve the issues that affect their lives and environments in a non-violent manner.

  • Respect

    We believe in respecting all views and opinions. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect despite their differences.

  • Accountability

    We are accountable to our partners and our beneficiaries. We ensure projects are met with professionalism of the highest standard.